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Here you can find a rough idea of how many traits of a leader you have! Remember to be honest!

Communicate in terms people can understand and embrace
Get things done - deliver on commitments
Learn and improve procedures
Understand how your responsibility relates to the big picture
Listen expertly to others
Actively work to improve yourself and to know your strengths and weaknesses
Analyze problems and take sound decisions
Connect developments and spot patterns
Accept risk and take on difficult assignments
Inspire excellence and commitment in others
Have emotional strength and stand up when under fire
Learn from your mistakes
Have a deep interest in other people and exhibit strong social and interpersonal skills
Have people acumen - able to judge, grow and coach people
Have integrity - honest with yourself and others
Focus on the end product
Demonstrate a high tolerance for stress and pressure
Confront reality - do what reality demands and not what you might want to do
Hold yourself and others accountable
Made by: 19 x 100

SCORING: If you scored 11 or higher, your leadership potential is high.


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