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Book Review: Leading As a Friend

0849977274 Maxwell’s examples are timeless. They can apply to any time a kid is growing up in. Also, he talks about how to be a good friend in everyday situations that kids find themselves in. The situations happen anywhere and everywhere – school, home, a friend’s house, stores, or just anywhere friends might get together.

This book is about leadership and how to be a better friend. John Maxwell has written a lot of books about leadership, but this one is for kids. He says leadership is influence. You should try to influence your friends to do the right things. I don’t agree with his approach to leading your friends about your personal beliefs, but his ideas about how to treat people are really good.

One problem young people might face is if their friend is “two-faced.” For example, if your friend told you he liked your shirt, but when you were not looking he tells someone else that your shirt is ugly! Maxwell says integrity is “being who you really are on the inside and letting it show on the outside. It’s never playing games, never lying, never pretending to be something you aren’t.”

Many times, friends think their friend has hurt their feelings or done something wrong to them. Their friend may not even know they hurt them, or they might not even have done what others think they did. For example, if you think your friend scratched your Mom’s car that she just got and you want to beat them up – Stop! You may not have all the facts. Maxwell has a five step program to help you solve problems wisely. The five steps are:
  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Ask the right questions.
  3. Talk to the right people.
  4. Get the facts.
  5. Get involved and help find a solution.
Have you ever had a friend that dragged you down when you were doing something? For example, you’re playing a game and the score is 2-3 and with two more points you will win, but, your friend says things like, “We can’t do it.” or, “We won’t make it.” Your friend’s negative attitude can drag you, them, and everybody else down. Maxwell says, “Work on your attitude. As you develop the right attitude, you will find that things begin to go right in ways you never expected.” He says, “Remember: Your attitude will determine your altitude. That is, how you feel about things will determine how far you go in life.”

I really liked the book because it helped with a lot of things like how to make friends or the best way to fix a problem with your friends. Very helpful parts of the book are the examples. Maxwell explains very well with details and actual methods to put into action. He makes the book easy for a kid to understand. His writing style is very nice because he uses “you” and “your” like he’s just speaking to you and only you. His sentences also sound like he’s speaking to you, instead of writing.

Because Maxwell gives good ideas for friends in a way kids can understand and have fun reading, I recommend this book for all kids.

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